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Okay, so as I was redoing the script for this comic, all I remembered was that I was in the process of reaching a conclusion in this story. There weren't nearly as many "jokes," and there was really only the one punchline, but I basically had to fill in the blanks based on which character was talking. I'm pretty sure the penultimate punchline was something about the ominous castle, so I started there and worked backwards.


Happy Memorial Day! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! I think that covers all my bases. This isn't just a random update, oh no. I wouldn't do that to you. This is to inform you that coming your way are THREE brand new Transplant comics! I have to appologize if they aren't all that funny, because I wrote a script, then drew the comics, and then my computer got stolen. All of this happened about a year ago, and I started coloring the comics like... 3 weeks ago, and then I realized I didn't have the original script. So, I kind of had to pull one out of my butt. Don't worry, the next ones will be... less unfunny. Hooray!


Holy crap! I'm not dead! No, I haven't forgotten about you, my precious puppets. Assuming anybody is still reading. But! Don't give up! New comics are coming your way on Monday. Will there be more the following week? Who knows! (Probably not, since I have a real job now. Part of why I didn't load these comics when I wrote them 7 months ago). Peace out, children!


Slowly but surely, I'm bringing back my favorite character. You've probably already figured out who it is, considering he's the only other character I have who hasn't been involved in this story line yet. I wondered when I'd use him again.


Sara sez: - I HEREBY DECLARE SUNDAYS IN THE NAME OF ME! All hate-mail will be tracked down and acted upon.


It's the triumphant return of one of my favorite characters. Who could it be?! You'll just have to see! Also, remember: there's a new feature on Sunday's. It doesn't have a name, yet, but it's Sara, so you know it's going to be... well, uniquely hers.


You should congratulate me, because this comic features the first car I've ever drawn that didn't look like a shoe box with wheels. Granted my line work sucks, but at least my car actually looks like a car. Yes, it's a Honda Accord, because that's the car I'm most farmiliar with.


Hey, it didn't actually take me 2 months to update the site! Believe me, I'm as amazed as you are. About halfway into this comic, I realized I was drawing Evil!Olivia as Sephiroth with boobs, so I decided to go all out with it.

But wait, there's more! Starting next week, there will be a new feature on Transplant! Every Sunday will feature Sara's particular brand of insanity. She's now an active member of the Transplant family! Look for the first one next week!


Well, apparently comicgenesis had some sort of server reboot issue, so some of you may not have seen the special Easter filler from yesterday. The issue seems to be fixed now, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this. Um... Yay comics!


Yup, it's filler time. But, I have good news! Real comics resume production tomorrow! Huzzah!


Egad! Cliffhangers! Why do you comic artists always do that and then not update for weeks?! Because we're evil. That's why. Now live with it.


Hooray for Photoshop effects giving my characters depth and making them look like more than just pasted in place! Because they're not. I actually draw them all by hand. Shocking, I know. It's not like shading is hard, I'm just lazy.


Yup, it's comics. The first comics of the year! And it's not even February!! Don't expect it to happen very often. See, it's my final quarter (that's right. Graduating college), and... well, I'm busy, naturally. I'll try, but we all know what REALLY happens when I say that.


As a special christmas present to you, specifically, I come bearing brand spanking new comics! Yaaaay! Now I'm going back to sleep.


Through a series of stolen html, I managed to clean up the front page a little bit, and now I have a scrolling news box again! Additionally, we now have a shoutbox again! Yay! Now you can complain about me never updating and I can make feeble excuses!


Sometimes I think I should change the name to "holy crap comics!" because that's what everyone says (including me) when I update.


As you may or may not have noticed, Transplant has a brand new look to it. That's really all the important news I have to report. Comics will be coming soon, I'm just busy.

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